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BIKE BUYING TIME: The Undercover Bike Shopper
Patrick Packe

 The first couple of stops on my journey to buy a bike has been an eye opening experience. I started with the question" How much riding outside are you really going to do?" and really Patrick "Are you going to spend most of your time riding off road in the mountians?" I am going to spend most of my time riding on street and paved roads rather than off road.  


Looks Like I am down for the Hybrid Bike. Now what size of bike and oh yeah what color.  Color can be very important for many of us.  But most important is the quality of the bike and its many components. I am looking at tires, gear shifting systems, durability and how comfortable is the ride - oh yeah and the seat.


The right size bike is important especially for safety and comfort. Here is a size chart that will help you get the correct size bike. Bigger is not always better when picking the right bike. 


You have to decide what type of gear shifters you want on your bike.  There are two types to consider the first being the thumb shifters and twist grip shifter. The thumb shifters are the most common and is located on the handlebar near the brake lever.  The twist grip shifter is built in the handlebar grip.  This shifter is new on the scene and is not highly recommended.   There are other shifters but these are the two major ones I have seen on bikes.


Now that I am armed with this general information I am going to see which bike shop or store can help me.


Friends have been a wealth of information and they shared the names of these stores to visit. If you know of other stores in the Birmingham area let me know.

  • Wal-Mart
  • Target
  • Bob’s Bikes
  • Cahaba Cycle
  • Dicks Sporting Goods
  • Academy Sports

More to come!


Patrick Packer

follow me on [email protected] PatrickPacker 


BIKE BUYING TIME: The Undercover Bike


Patrick Packer

I have decided to take it from Spinning Inside to Riding in God’s great gift this beautiful weather. OOPS that means I have to buy a bike. Follow my journey as I visit every bike shop and merchant that sales bikes in the Birmingham area.


Let’s see which bike shop in Birmingham provides the best information, customer service and value. You know I am not going to waste my money or put up with bad customer service.  This should be an interesting process. 


I think I need a Hybrid since I will not be taking it off road that much and I’m not going to be competing in the Tour de France.  Let me know what questions I should ask the salesperson at each of the stores. What bike shop do you think has the best price, best customer service and most knowledgeable team? Get on record with your picks?


Off I go to buy a bike.


Patrick Packer

follow me on twitter @patrickpacker 



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