Statement of Support

U. S. Congressional              Representative,          Terri  Sewell's

HB 4817 : Bill designating a National Civil Rights Park in Birmingham Alabama


Statment from U. S Congressional Representative Terri Sewell 


Black People Run Bike and Swim call for cyclist from across the country to support Congresswoman Terri Sewell’s House Bill 4871 to designate Birmingham, Alabama’s Historic Civil Rights District as a National Park.

Black People Run Bike and Swim (Birmingham, Alabama) on March 22, 2016

Black People Run Bike and Swim calls on cyclists from Birmingham, the State of Alabama and across this country to join with us as we support Congresswoman Terri Sewell’s effort to get this legislation passed in the United States Congress. The effect of this Bill will be to encourage American’s that enjoy cycling and those that ride bicycles with their children to come to Birmingham and ride through this unique National Park and learn of these American heroes.

In 2013 Black People Run Bike and Swim organized the first bicycle ride that linked together more than 20 Birmingham Civil Rights sites in more than 9 neighborhoods and to ride down streets and boulevards named after some of the leaders of the Birmingham Civil Rights Movement. This ride has grown to have 100’s of cyclist riding and learning about the amazing sacrifices of regular American people.


RideUnited Birmingham this year is on Saturday, September 10, 2016 and is always the Saturday before the anniversary of the September 15th 1963 bombing of the Sixteen Street Baptist Church and the killing of the young men on bikes. Cyclist hear the stories of the people that worship, lived, work and died at this hollowed sites. We invite cyclist from across the country to plan to visit Birmingham and participate in this unique fun ride.

We also encourage runners, cyclists and walkers to use the proposed designated park area to build healthier communities. Each Tuesday Birmingham cyclist ride from the historic Kelly Ingram Park through these communities. Parks are a vital part of a healthy and productive community and country.

Black People Run Bike and swim was founded in Birmingham, Alabama on February 1, 2012 by Jerri Haslem and Patrick Packer.  The mission of the BPRBS is to develop event, programs, initiatives and policies to improve the health and reduce the health disparities in urban communities. We build linkages with community, healthcare providers and business to improve the lives of those that live, work and worship in these urban communities.   Patrick Packer can be reached at and Jerri Haslem at .