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BPRBS Programs


BPRBS's collaboration with the National Institute of Human Development has received support from the Corporation for National and Community Service for our BPRBS Healthier Communities Initiative.

This initiative will focus on increasing the capacity of organizations in underserved neighborhoods to increase the number of organizations and individuals that are developing and implementing and participating in programs to get people moving and using the parks, streets and community facilities to build a healthier Jefferson County and State of Alabama.




LOSE BIG WHILE ....Leaving Diabetes Behind 

Our Leaving Diabetes Behind program is funded by American Academy of Family Physicians through a Cities For Life grant reached over 120 individuals through a collaboration with Thirgood CME Church and the Fifth Episcopal District of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. 





We partnered with Bishop Teresa Snorton and the Fifth Episcopal District of the CME Church to support 15 community garden in communities in Alabama and Florida. This project is providing free fresh vegetables to individuals through local churches and are grown in gardens at local churches. 





The Faith and Fitness program provides support for churches and large faith groups to develop and implement projects and activites to linking the role of faith in supportng the building of health and fitness progroms in churches and religous groups.We conduct workshops and trainings at religous conference or in church settings.